Friday, April 17, 2009

Buying a Laundromat Business Tips to Remember

You have to consider who is going to use your laundromat service. People who have clothes are already washing them somewhere, and will wash them again, probably at the same place they did last week. So the question becomes, how do you get them to come to your place of business of the laundromat they already go to?

There are a few things you need to consider if you are buying a Laundromat or building one. The first obstacle you have is going to be how to get those customers who already use another laundromat to come to yours. If you can, be more convenient for them to get to, or use. Having newer and better equipment, a nicer atmosphere and environment as well as a very clean store will be the best ways to attract your customers. If you are considering buying an existing laundromat business, you should look at it as if you were going to build it yourself and if it has all the amenities you would put into it. A well equipped laundromat will do more to bring in new customers then having the best advertising or locations.

Time is limited and for most people they want to get in and get out. So, one of the biggest draws will be larger capacity machines that complete the wash and dry cycles in faster times. Larger and higher capacity machines usually mean a bigger investment up front if you are having to buy equipment for your laundromat, but the rate of return will be higher. This will allow you to serve more customers in less time, bringing in more revenue.

If you don't know this by now, then you should not be looking at this article. You need the right location to make your business successful. Location, location, location. This is true to some respects, but in today's economy and market, you do not need to be on the corner of the local street to attract business from that neighborhood. Almost everyone uses a car to get where they want to go. People drive to their Starbucks, big market stores, etc, so why not drive to the laundromat, and they do. People will travel further to their favorite store or laundromat because they like, not always because it is the most convenient or closest to them. Developing your business atmosphere will help to keep and attract those customers. So, the location is not always as important as having a convenient location. When I talk about a convenient locations, I mean a convenient location by car. So if your laundromat is easy to get to from major roads and not a hidden strip mall, you will have a better chance at keeping customers.

Research your location for your laundromat, of if you are buying an existing business, you must check out the surrounding areas. Visit the laundry rooms of any local apartment buildings, see what they are like. Most apartments I have visited usually have inadequate machines, old, and often out of order. If you find many apartment buildings in this kind of shape, you are in a prime location to receive lots of local business. There are many other factors you will need to consider about finding the right location to buy your Laundromat, or build your own Laundromat. Spend most of your time finding the right location for a new business and carefully study the area of any laundromat you are considering to purchase.


  1. Can i get in touch with you , i am preparing to buy a laundromat and need some guidance ..willing to pay for the advisory role.

  2. First thing that most clients look at in any service is the environment of the business establishment. This aspect can attract the attention of anyone in any business, so you have to be wise in choosing a location that can help you draw in potential clients.


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