Friday, April 17, 2009

Coin Operated Laundromat Machines

When you are buying, owning or considering to build or buy your own laundromat business, the key part of that business is the actual machinery. The coin operated laundromat's primary survival is the quality and dependability of the washing and drying machines in them. If you are going to buy an existing laundromat service business, then this will be a crucial point in the evaluations. You will want to know every detail of the equipment's history, usage, life expectancy, etc. Without a proper equipment evaluation, you could be setting yourself up for a disaster after you purchase the laundromat and then find out that all your equipment is about to fail or is failing. This can cause you to put in extra time and money that you did not budget for and sink you before you even start.

The laundromat machine business is a huge business and there are a lot of different vendors and manufacturers on the market. Each will have it's own pros and cons too. You will need to look at your options and determine what you want to spend your money on. A budget will be your key barrier when it comes to equipment. You can buy cheap and you can buy top-of-the-line machines. Where do you want to be? probably in the middle to high end range. Why? because having good equipment that lasts a long time will serve you better in the long run if you want to keep this business and make a good living from it.

Buying used laundromat equipment is one option for someone on a really low budget. This is a very viable solution for re-equipping an existing laundromat that you have purchased or fitting a new building with equipment quickly. This is a great way to re-fit a laundromat that was purchased at a really low rate because the equipment was old and the owner did not want to invest in new machines.

Buying new equipment for your laundromat is usually something that you do if you already own one and are re-fitting or you are building a laundromat from the ground up. In this case there are many manufacturers that will offer a great range or products and services to both get you started and help setup all the machines. You can arrange to have local service contracts and warranty on all new machines too. This will save you a lot of headaches and time if you have a number you can call for someone to come out on warranty or service contract for any problem that occurs.

Equipment efficiency will and should be a part of your research too. Having high efficiency machines in your laundromat will do many things. First, you will use less water, power and gas to operate them. Even 1 or 2 % can mean thousands of dollars in lower operating expenses each month, thus increasing your net return. Make sure that all your machines are front loading. A front loading washing machine is usually 25% to 50% more efficient then a top loader. They also clean better and use a lot less water. All that saving in water and power will add to your pocket and bottom line profit.

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  1. leslie_beam@yahoo.comOctober 1, 2009 at 3:51 PM

    As I research the costs of such machines, some websites are more forthcoming about their pricing while others simply do not share the information...
    I can see that it is the biggest factor in whether the business is cost efficient or not.


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